Best Vegan Sandwiches -Hummus, Avocado & Tomato


I have a love/hate relationship with the humble sandwich.  Sometimes I find sandwiches really uninspiring and boring as a lunch option, preferring big salads or dinner leftovers, and other times I get an intense craving that nothing but a sandwich will fix!  Although the sandwich world is so dominated by meat and dairy, vegan sandwiches can be just as full of flavour and of course, definitely more healthy and kinder than their meaty cousins.  The hunt for the best vegan sandwich doesn’t have to be a difficult one.  There are endless potential combinations of flavourful, healthy, plant based ingredients that can taste even better shoved between two slices of bread. (Preferably sourdough or spelt bread for me!)

This sandwich is my personal favourite vegan sandwich ever!  Hummus, Avocado & Tomato on Wholemeal Spelt Bread.  Get the best quality ingredients that you can. Spread organic hummus, avocado, vine tomato and scallion on wholemeal spelt bread, seasoned with organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper and dried chilli flakes. NOM NOM NOM!!!

I think it would be a very strong contender for the winner of the ultimate vegan sandwich contest… does such a thing exist?! The best vegan sandwich competition?!.. It should!!  What are you favourite vegan sandwich ingredients?  Let’s share our veggie sandwich secrets and find out some yummy new flavour combinations!

I would love if you shared a photo on twitter, instagram or facebook of your next vegan sandwich with the hashtag #bestvegansandwich -make sure to link me @naturalfuelblog to make sure that I see it! I’ll keep an eye on all of your creations and each time that I blog about a new vegan sandwich creation of mine, I’ll also share with everyone the sandwiches which you guys have tempted me with the most.  We’ll never get bored of sandwiches again! :-D


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17 thoughts on “Best Vegan Sandwiches -Hummus, Avocado & Tomato

  1. Oh your sandwiches are so delicious looking! I’m hungry now! :) Have you ever tried grilled eggplant or zucchini with your hummus, tomato and avocado? It is my favorite, especially as a leftover for lunch. nom nom nom

    • Thank you :-) and mmm thanks for that suggestion! I’ve never used eggplant in a sandwich, although I LOVE it, so I’ll try that out next time! I use zucchini in my second favourite sandwich!

  2. I’m much the same – often sandwiches are not even on my radar, but at other times I NEED them. This sandwich looks perfect to me! One of my favourites when I was on the road was marinated eggplant, hummus, sundried tomatoes and chilli – and variations upon, sometimes adding avocado or pesto or other bits. Mmmm…now I feel like a sandwich!

  3. On the summit of Slievenamon today, we had, hummus, red onion, tomato, cucumber,rocket and black pepper on wholemeal bread, delish!!, if I had an avocado with me that wud have been in it too!!

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