Hikes and Nature Walks in Wicklow, Ireland – Spring Wildflowers and Wilderness

The following photos are some of the views and wild flowers which I have come across on my walks in the last few weeks.  There is nothing I like better than being immersed in nature.  I make sure that I get a long walk or hike at least once a week, more now that the evenings are longer.  I love going with other people and sharing the beautiful views but really I prefer to just go alone and soak it all up on my own.

 I used to use this time to ‘clear my mind’ by thinking, ironically doing anything but clear it -going over and over whatever challenge or issues were before me, but now that I have been trying to become much more mindful and meditative, I clear my mind by doing just that -clearing my mind.  Stopping my chattering brain’s stream of thoughts by relishing in the beauty of the moment.  This is much more mind clearing and beneficial than turning worries and thoughts over and over in my head.  I am always soothed and relieved by the cyclical rhythms and familiar constancy of nature. All of the worries of human existence seem to fade away for me and seem so insignificant when I connect with nature and feel a part of it.

The triumph of spring has been bursting forth on all of my recent walks.  On the uplands -Blue skies stretching expansively, with great white clouds floating overhead.   Silver tinged mist wrapping the peaks of the mountains in mystery.   Ominous dark clouds waiting to burst and unload their raindrops on the ground below.   The smell of coconut scented gorse floating on the breeze.  The roar of the waves crashing against the cliffs below.  In the woodlands – The scent of damp earth rising from the forest floor.   The sweet singing of blackbirds in the boughs of the trees, punctuated with shrieking alarm calls when my presence is detected –The beautiful moments when I can get so close that it is apparent that I have not been identified as a foe.   Tender stems of bracken unfurling their first green fronds from the decaying oak leaves of seasons before.   A canopy of young leaves creating the dappling of sunlight in the glade below.   A blue haze created by the many blooms of bluebells.









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6 thoughts on “Hikes and Nature Walks in Wicklow, Ireland – Spring Wildflowers and Wilderness

  1. Such a beautiful place! You are truly blessed. It looks like spring has sprung faster there than in the northern states of the USA. Can you walk for miles through the mountains there? So gorgeous!

    • I guess we are further south than the northern states so we probably are a little bit sooner with Spring! But know that it’s on the way for you too! :-) When you get out into the countryside here you can easily walk for miles through the mountains. There is a special hiking trail called The Wicklow Way of mostly wild, scenic moutains near where I’m from that is about 80 miles long. I have walked parts of it but never all in a row, would love to take a few days off and do it all in one go, camping or staying in hostels in the evenings!

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