Sesame Buckwheat Noodles with Aubergine & Bok Choy



Buckwheat noodles are a great alternative, along with rice noodles, if you are avoiding wheat and gluten.  Despite the name, they are very different to wheat.  Buckwheat is not even a grain, but like quinoa, it is often mistaken for one.  It is in fact a seed of a flowering plant.  These seeds are then ground in to flour to make noodles and other products.  Buckwheat contains complete protein, meaning it contains the correct proportions of all nine of the essential amino acids needed by the body, thus making it a far more nutritional choice than wheat noodles.  It also contains fibre and iron.   When toasted, buckwheat is called kasha.  If you are coeliac, make sure to check the labels, as although buckwheat is definitely gluten free, sometimes the seeds can be contaminated during processing. The amounts are so small that it wouldn’t cause an issue for those avoiding gluten for health reasons, but if you are a coeliac you need to be more careful.

I love these noodles!  To me, they taste even better cold, so they are perfect for lunch boxes.  Garlic lemon tahini sauce is one of my favourite foods ever.  Make the tahini sauce by blending tahini and minced garlic with some lemon juice and enough hot water to make the consistency you prefer.  Mine was slightly thicker than milk.  Then stir it in to the cooked, drained noodles along with whatever other additions you prefer.  I always add in plenty of chillies, chinese five spice powder and chopped raw scallions.   I usually add in sprouted greens, sprouted seeds, organic tofu (raw or fried) or sometimes even chickpeas, as well as whatever veggies I have lying around the fridge.  Today I added in aubergine and bok choy fried in coconut oil and ate it warm for my lunch.  I made extra to make sure that I will still have plenty of cold leftovers for tomorrow!

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