Finding the super in superfoods


Maca maca maca.  The food I love to hate!  I spoke about maca before in this blog as it was contained in my superfood smoothie.  (You can search for that recipe using the search box on the right.)  I use organic red maca powder.  It is reported to have so many fantastic benefits -a rich source of protein, iron and calcium and an impressive ability to boost energy, stamina, fertility and libido!  It supports the healthy functioning of the immune and endocrine systems as well as thyroid function and balances hormones.  If only it tasted as good as other ‘superfoods’ such as raw cacao, acai berries, almonds, avocado, coconut, kale or blueberries. I love what it DOES so I really want to love how it tastes, but I still find it unappetising. Well really that’s being too polite, I find it totally disgusting!!

I have a new found sympathy for toddlers whose parents go by the ‘try it ten times and then you’ll love it’ philosophy of new food because here I am still persevering, but still disliking maca!  Although I know the try it ten times theory is generally true, I wish it would work for me in this instance.  I guess sometimes you just don’t like something!  I have read before that people tend to love the malty taste, which is just don’t get, but I guess there might be something to that because I’ve never really liked malt either.

Regardless I am ploughing on with the maca regime due to it’s many benefits.  I am thinking about coming off the hormonal contraceptive pill in a few months and I want to have a good habit of taking maca regularly by then due to it’s ability to regulate hormones.  I am doing some research on this topic and will try to progress to being pill free without becoming a raging hormonal monster due to the transition!  Pray for my boyfriend! ;-)

The good thing is that when I put maca in a smoothie like the one above, I cannot detect the taste at all, so that is a fantastic way to incorporate it into your diet.  However I don’t make smoothies everyday, and some days I just put it in a small amount of water and knock it back, while generally gagging and spluttering!  This morning I had a vision of how ridiculous I looked dancing around the kitchen in disgust after drinking it and I thought that there must be a better way!

Keeping in mind the success of maca in smoothies, enter the yoghurt! I mixed a heaped teaspoon in with some soya yoghurt, cinnamon and hemp seeds. No grimacing, no gagging, just a pleasantly surprised smile… There is still hope!


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