Cacao & Maca Superfood High Protein Smoothie

I have been getting bored of my usual banana and mixed berry protein smoothies lately, and have also been looking for a tasty way to incorporate maca powder in to my diet so decided to play around with a maca smoothie blend.. success!! Maca is a rich source of proteins, iron and calcium, as well as trace elements such as essential fatty acids, b vitamins and plant sterols.  It is a root vegetable native to the Peruvian Andes, and is renowned for increasing energy, stamina, libido, and fertility as well as balancing hormones and supporting the immune system, endocrine system and thyroid function. The benefits of raw cacao were sung highly by me in my article on raw chocolates -in short it is is considered one of the best super foods.  It has a higher concentration of antioxidants than other antioxidant champions such as green tea, goji berries and blue berries, as well as being rich in iron, chromium, sulphur and zinc.

To make this smoothie I blended almond milk, 2 tbsp hemp protein powder, 2 tbsp milled chia seed, 1 tbsp raw cacao powder and 1 tsp red maca powder, along with a banana and a dash of date syrup, in a blender.  It turned out really delicious, chocolately with a hint of banana.   The maca complimented  the banana and cacao perfectly, adding sort of a malty flavour -not the overpowering, unpleasant taste I got when I had previously tried maca with raw cacao and water.  Definitely one I will be making again.

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